Biology 1220

Human Anatomy and Physiology

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Human Anatomy & Physiology 2 (BIOL 1220)
This course and its companion course, Human Anatomy and Physiology 1120, deal with the relationship between structure and function in human biology. Lectures emphasize basic concepts in biology and the role of the major organ systems of the human body. Laboratory activities examine anatomical relationships and the physiological functioning of human organs.

A learning community in the age of a pandemic.

Sadly, our face to face time within a physical classroom will be very limited this semester but we can still meet our learning needs. Our course will follow a "flipped" classroom model. In a flipped course you learn the material before a class, using various resources.

This website is the core learning centre for our course. Each chapter will have a webpage (or pages) with the chapter objectives, downloadable study notes and lecture related videos. You work your way through the material before we all meet online as a class. Our Zoom meetings will focus on going over areas of content that you need a hand with or for other activities, such as case studies.

For many this will challenge how they learn but it does provide an exciting opportunity to empower yourself as a learner.

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