Human Anatomy and Physiology

Biology 1220

Human Anatomy & Physiology 1 (BIOL 1220)

Biology 1220          Winter 2023
Instructor: Bruce Clarkson M.Sc., M. Ed.
Class website: (This is where your will find class notes and other resources)
- The Anatomy Coloring Book,. Kapit, Wynn and Lawrence M. Elson. Benjamin-Cummings, San Francisco.
- Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual. McIntyre, Gordon Vancouver Community College, Vancouver.
- Human Anatomy and Physiology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Marieb.


ZOOM will be used during this course. It is required that you participate and that you have your camera on.
Course topics 
Chapter 5: The integumentary system 
Chapter 6: Bones and bone tissue 
Chapter 7: The skeletal system 
Chapter 8: Articulations 
Chapter 10: The muscular system 
Chapter 9: Muscle tissue and physiology 
Chapter 22: The respiratory system 
Chapter 18: Cardiovascular system 1 (Heart)
Chapter 19: Cardiovascular system 2 (blood vessles)
Chapter 17: Blood 
Chapter 20: The lymphatic system and immunity

Chapter 21: The lymphatic system (innate and adaptive) 

Chapter 25: The urinary system 
Chapter 23: The digestive system 
Chapter 24: Metabolism  
Chapter 25: Fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance homeostasis
Grade Scheme:
A+ 90 – 100 A 85 – 89 A- 80 – 84
B+ 76 – 79 B 72 – 75 B- 68 - 71
C+ 64 – 67 C 60 - 63 C- 55 - 59
D 50 - 54 F below 50
Lab Quiz 1 - 5 marks
Lab Quiz 2- 5 marks
Lab report- 10 marks
Colouring book 5 marks
Midterm I- 25 marks
Midterm II- 25 marks
Final Exam- 25 marks
1. Late assignments will have 50% of marks deducted per day. Reports more than two days late may not be marked. No extensions granted.
2. Copying of material and plagiarism is not acceptable. Violations will result in a grade of zero or failure of the course, depending on the severity of the offence.
3. Attendance of lab exercises is mandatory. Missing these sessions can result in a reduced mark or a zero on the lab reports and/ or a failure to complete the course requirements
4. The final exam will cover the last third of the course only; however, college regulations require that the final exam must be written in order to pass the course.
5. Make-up tests for missed exams will only be given when appropriate documentation regarding absence is provided. Miss a test without an acceptable reason and you will be given a mark of zero. All make-up tests will be given the last week of the semester
6. * It is the student’s responsibility to attend class in order to keep informed regarding changes in due dates, tests, changes in curriculum or assignments.
7. Masks and other personal protection are suggested for any face to face events.
Any of the above is subject to change.