Biology 1120

Chapter 1

How do I learn the content?

There is no great secret as to how to do well in any course. It comes down to the time invested by the learner.

I suggest the following approach:

1) Read the chapter in the book. The first time through do not get stuck in all the details. Read it to get an overview
2) Print up the notes for the chapter and follow along with the videos below.
3) Make notes as to what you need help with. We can address this in our Zoom meetings.
4) Take part in the Zoom meetings.
5) Repeat all of the above.

The following videos introduce you to the core concepts covered by the chapter.


History of biomedical science

Scientific Method


Darwin, Wallace and Evolution

Hominid Evolution (good overview, don't worry about all the names. This gives a good sense of how many members of our ancient family has had over millions of years)

Are you part Neanderthal? Many of us carry Neanderthal DNA for both better and worst. Come meet our closest relative.

An FYI video. Worth a watch. The Denisovans. This highlights how complex human evolution has been.

Homo naledi… FYI video about yet another distant member of the Homo genus.

Bipedalism - skull and skeleton features.

Bipedalism Chimpanzee, Australopithecus, Human

Body systems, homeostasis, and feed back loops